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Technique Clinics

Hi-Crotch Attack

The “Hi-Crotch clinic” goes through the Hi-Crotch from the set ups to penetrations to the finishes and all of the struggles in between. When leaving this clinic the participant should not have any questions regarding the Hi-Crotch attack.

Single Leg Attack

The #1 effective takedown at all levels of wrestling is the single leg. In this clinic we will communicate the technique and positioning that makes this such a great attack. You should have a clear understanding of all areas of the single leg.

Double Leg Attack

The “Double Leg” clinic goes through the most basic straightforward leg attack in wrestling. We will cover different set-ups, penetrations and finishes that make the double leg the most difficult attack to defend if executed correctly.


The “Underhook” clinic will get into scoring positions by controlling, moving and wearing down opponents. These techniques are great for the wrestler that does not have the movement and agility to get underneath an opponent from the outside. It is a “Must” for the heavier weight classes.

Two-On-One/Russian Tie

The “Two-On-One” technique is a great controlled tie that allows the wrestler to create angles and force the opponent out of position. The wrestler can execute a variety of different attacks from the Two-On-One that will give him/her a whole different repertoire in their offensive attacks.

Low Ankle Attack

The “Low Ankle” attack was made famous by the great John Smith. He used these techniques to capture 6 consecutive world level titles (2 Olympic Gold Medals and 4 World Championships). It is a great series of techniques for a person with great movement and quickness. It is a “Must See” clinic for the less physical wrestlers.

Short Offense Series

The “Short Offense Series” is a repertoire of techniques for punishing and capitalizing on opponents poorly executed attacks. This is an area that often gets over looked in wrestling but it is very important. The clinic will cover front headlocks, knee taps, go-behinds, dumps and front body locks.

Defense & Counter Offense

The “Defense/Counter Offense” Clinic offers a wide range of positioning, everything from head positioning to re-shots. We will cover defense to specific leg attacks, clearing ties, and short offense series. Wrestlers will learn how to turn his defense into a great offense. If you know one can score on you it will be hard to lose.

Takedown Overview

The “Takedown Overview” clinic covers the range of takedowns and techniques including Basic Skills, Hi-Crotch, Singles, Doubles, Underhooks, Two-On-Ones, Low Ankle, Short Offense Series, and Defense/Counter Offense. This all-encompassing format is an intensive training clinic that will give the participants a wide variety of offensive/defensive techniques.

Power Stand-up Series

The “Power Stand-up” clinic will cover an explosive stand-up series that can be executed regarding of how the opponents reacts. It is a step-by-step technique that will keep pressure on the opponent at all times. It emphasizes using the bodies “Power Zone” instead of hand and wrist control that, in may circumstances, ends up getting us in more danger than when we started.

Side & Granby Roll

The “Side & Granby Roll” clinic offers the participant more variety in attacking from the bottom position. It enables the wrestler to create space, to free the hips when the opponent is clinging or riding tight with the hips.

Sit Back Series

The “Sit Back” clinic will teach the wrestler how to keep pressure on the opponent with out getting into trouble. It will also emphasize keeping good limb positioning, in the wrestlers efforts to escape or reverse. The sit back, if done correctly, will keep the opponent from gaining any real control. We will work on hand control, rolls, stand-ups, switching sides and hip heists from this position.

Leg Riding Defense Series

The “Leg Riding Defense” clinic is a “Must See” series that teaches a wrestler to not only get out of the leg ride but stay out. Leg riding, if done correctly, is one of the most feared and controlling techniques a wrestler can have in the top position. This is why it is extremely important to learn the defense to leg riding. We will cover a step-by-step procedure that will enable the wrestler to free himself/herself from this position. Leaving this clinic a wrestler will gain the knowledge of not only escaping but understand the principle of using the leg ride as an offense.

Escape & Reversal Overview

The “Escape and Reversal Overview” clinic will cover all the aspects of bottom wrestling from such as stand-ups, rolls, sit backs and leg riding defense. It will give the wrestler a broad knowledge of the bottom position. Escaping from the bottom position is a necessity for a wrestler’s success in Folk Style wrestling.

Breakdown & Riding Series

These are the basic building blocks in which all successful top wrestling begins. The “Breakdown and Riding” clinic will cover a series of breakdowns and different riding techniques that will give the wrestler a great understanding of how to take control from the top position. We will cover areas such as spiral rides, ankle rides, float and follow, etc. Being able to keep someone on the mat will not only wear him/her down physically, but will also show total dominance.

Arm Bars, Chicken Wings, & Cradles

The “Arm Bar, Chicken Wing, and Cradle” Clinic will cover a series of techniques, that will enable the wrestler to take total control of his/her opponent. Attacking an opponents arms will give the wrestler many different leverage positions in which he/she can start turning and pinning his/her opponents.

Hand & Leg Turks

In the “Hand and Leg Turk” clinic we will go through a repertoire of holds enabling the wrestler to control the hips of the opponent. It is a series that is often missed by wrestlers and in turn wrestlers are losing many back points and pins because of it. This position can be used as a transition from the neutral to the top positions.

Leg Turns

This is our specialty! In the “Leg Turn” clinic we will cover a series of techniques that helped us both win NCAA Titles. Learning how to use the legs will put a fear factor in your opponent. It is a position that is very difficult to defend and can punish the opponent and take him/her right out of the match. By learning how to use your legs will give you a whole new dimension in top wrestling.

Riding, Turning, & Pinning Overview

The “Riding, Turning, and Pinning Overview” clinic is an all-encompassing format covering a broad range of skills, techniques, and philosophy of wrestling in the advantage position. By learning the top position the wrestler can truly and totally dominate his/her opponent.