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Steiner Wrestling Clinics and Seminars

Choose from the different clinics and seminars to make up a 1 or 2 day clinic/seminar.

Choose 3 different areas or topics for a 1 day clinic/seminar or 6 areas or topics for a 2 day clinic/seminar.

  • 1 day clinic/seminar costs $3,000 (plus travel and lodging expenses)
  • 2 day clinic/seminar costs $5,000 (plus travel and lodging expenses)

Contact Troy or Terry for more information and to reserve the dates.

Steiner Wrestling Clinics and Seminars offers a repertoire of clinics and seminars for a range of wrestlers, coaches, parent and booster organizations in the sport of wrestling and beyond into the area of people development.

Clinics are geared towards high performance skill development and creating growth for both wrestlers and coaches. Clinics are outlined for each aspect of becoming a highly skilled wrestler and building a championship program.

Each seminar is numbered for easy scheduling and communication regarding its content. Steiner Wrestling Clinics and Seminars are normally presented in small groups to ensure a highly interactive experience. However, we can accommodate any size.

All Steiner Clinics and Seminars regardless of size will be presented in the same “down to earth” style, with structured yet somewhat informal format with a total respect and sensitivity to the needs of those who attend.

Participants of the clinics and seminars will walk away with proven systems that can be put into action immediately. All clinics and seminars come complete with materials such as work sheets and synergetic note taking systems to better facilitate comprehension of teachings and ideas.

Remember that the energy and passion of a motivated person is contagious, and produces many times more than that of the complacent individual.

If you are looking for clinics and seminars that guarantee close contact and motivation for your wrestlers and/or your staff please take a few minutes to review each clinic and seminar aspect.

For more information on clinic fees see the fees and pricing schedule.

We look forward to the opportunity to help skill development, motivation, and more specifically helping your staff and wrestlers become even more successful!

– Terry & Troy Steiner