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Seminars: Coaches, Parent, & Booster Club Education, Development & Support

Coaches Education & Program Development (1 Day)

In the “Coaches Education” seminar we will discuss the components necessary in building a successful program from the bottom up. This seminar will expose even the most experienced coaches to forward thinking coaching refinement skills.

  1. Developing a Philosophy
  2. Creating an expecting environment
  3. Choosing Staff and Delegating Duties
  4. Communication with Staff and Athletes
  5. Training Plans and Scheduling
  6. Working with Budget
  7. Importance of Booster Club
  8. Feeder System – Folkstyle, Freestlye, & Greco-Roman
  9. Internal Relations
  10. Continuing Education of Sport

Parent Education & Athlete Support (1/2 Day)

In this seminar “Parent Education & Athlete Support Seminar” we will discuss how a parents support can effect on athlete. Parents do not have an easy role to play because they want the best for their sons & daughters but may not always know what to do when athletes need help. We will discuss when to step in or back off. We will share some of our stories of things we experienced without parents that had an effect on our careers.

Booster Club Education & Program Support (1/2 Day)

Great wrestlers are not only developed by excellent coaching but are a product of successful programs. Strong programs are created by having strong booster clubs and community support. It creates an environment for the athletes to excel, regardless of the talent level within the wrestling room. In this seminar we will cover the importance of a booster club and what a it can do for an athletic program.