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Seminars: Team Tune-Ups & Speaking Engagements

Team Tune-Ups (1 Day)

In response to many coaches & teams around the country we are offering Team Tune-Ups as a way to assist preparations for upcoming tournaments. The purpose of the Tune-Ups is threefold: to assist individuals and coaches to get a game plan together to win matches; and, to help each individual member solve specific problems in there wrestling; and, help get the team in the right mindset heading into big match situations. Most Tune-Up sessions are short in duration but very intensive. I encourage coaches to brief us in advance about what they hope to accomplish and what kind of help each individual team member needs.

Speaking Engagements (15 Min. – 1 Hour)

In our speaking engagements we can cover a variety of different topics such as: Goal Setting, Paying the Price, Success, Overcoming Obstacles and perseverance, Motivation, Team Work, Drugs & Alcohol Abuse and Prevention, Fitness & Diet, Out working the competition, & Etc. We can customize the presentation to fit your needs by addressing your organizations goals and objectives.