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Congrats to Coach Steiner and the Women’s Olympic Wrestling Team!

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Coach Steiner and team with Olympic medals

WOW Just WOW! It has been a week that will remain with us for a lifetime. So much has been learned, gained, and accomplished over the past 7 days! Against the very best in the world, they gained 4 medals.

Gold – Tamyra Mensah Stock
Silver – Adeline Gray
Bronze – Helen Maroulis
Bronze – Sarah Hildebrandt
5th – Jacarra Winchester
DNP – Kayla Miracle

These wonderful women captured the hearts of a nation. A nation they love and proudly represent! You saw happiness and heartbreak! You heard them send a message of love, unity, and gratitude even in the moments of disappointment and frustration. You also heard and witnessed the thrill and satisfaction of victory. They inspired not just the next generation, they inspired us because of the exuberance they showed. They showed us how to handle defeat with Grace and dignity. They helped us realize anything is possible with hard work, determination, and focus! They didn’t ask for the guarantee, they asked for the chance, and the opportunity to dream.

We went through the trenches together. It was not all easy or always successful. We had heart break and highlight sometimes in the same day. That is sport, that is life and there is no way around it. Think about the empty feeling we had last night after Jacarra and Sarah’s heartbreaking losses. Think about what these athletes were feeling and the hurt and disappointment they went through. Lose is tough when you put your everything into it.

Then, think about the difference a day can make. If you would have told Sarah that today the thrill of victory would come and that everything would pass, she would have had eyes that looked right through us. Sarah had to let the past go, put herself in the present so that she could deal with the future. That takes many days of failing. Of failing forward! Learning from mistakes but moving forward in the process. Life is not simple, it is hard, it is challenging and it will test us to the core. We can all learn from Sarah. Each of us needs to know what Sarah learned. Let others help. You are not in your race alone. Be steadfast in your convictions! Know the truth! Be disciplined in your mind. Don’t let your thoughts wonder and take you off course. Struggle is a big part of any journey.

Terry Steiner – U.S. Women’s National Team Head Coach