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Final World Championship Update from Coach Steiner

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Adeline Gray wins 6th world championship

Friday – October 8, 2021

Congratulations and Thank you to all you that have followed Team USA over the past few weeks. We appreciate you and are grateful for you!

Team USA had a great week in Oslo! We came to Oslo with the goal of becoming World Team and Individual Champions. In the process we gained the following:

7 Individual a world medals out of 10

2 Individual World Champions

3 first Time medalists:
Jenna Burkert
Kayla Miracle
Forrest Molinari

4 Returning medalists
Sarah Hildebrandt
Helen Maroulis
Tamyra Mensah
Adeline Gray

1 – 3x World Champion – Helen Maroulis

6 x World Champion – Legend in the sport – Adeline Gray

2nd Place Team Finish

I told you at the beginning that Japan has set the standard and they will not go down without a fight. This week they stood tall and held position this week but we are coming.

It is another record performance on many levels. To climb to the top we must stay the course and understand that being a team is a major part of this process. In success there are many failures. You must learn to overcome, pick yourself up after falls, and rise above obstacles. To do this you must be willing to let the team help you and be a part of a caring team to help others. We gain strength from each other. We also must be willing to learn from those that stand in the place we want to be standing. I received this from a friend of the program, it is a Japanese saying that seems appropriate at the moment.

“No one is as smart as everyone!”

We are stronger together than we are apart.

Congratulations to our Team and the individuals on it! Also congratulations to every member of the Team behind the Team! Thank you for all you do. The honor goes to you!

Thank you for the memories!

Go Team USA!

Coach Steiner